About Us

Eden Woolf is a Not for Profit Organisation set up to achieve the following goals

Provide Australian families with affordable, flexible, quality in-home care

Our program links families with disability carers, aged carers, nannies and baby sitters to facilitate on-demand and flexible in-home care.

Provide a platform for Australian families to connect with other families like their own

Eden Woolf allows families to connect with other families to either share the financial cost of a carer or exchange unpaid care.  

Provide carers with an opportunity to earn additional income

Australia is the most expensive country in the world for care, yet early childhood educators and carers remain one of the lowest paid professions in the country. Through the Eden Woolf platform, carers are able to provide services directly to clients, thereby cutting out the 'middle man' and earn a fair wage. Many stay-at-home-mums would love the opportunity to earn an income, but are unable to secure employment due to caring responsibilities. As an Eden Woolf nanny or baby-sitter, stay-at-home-mums are able to earn income while taking their kids to work. In fact many of our clients request that their nanny is a mum! This gives families assurance that their kids are in the hands of an experienced carer and gives your little ones the opportunity to make a new BFF!

Child Care

For many families traditional child care is not an option - your child may be sick too frequently, you may work long hours and be unable to pick your child up by 5pm, or the cost of childcare may be such that it is not worthwhile for you to go to work. From 2nd July, if your family earns over $170,000 your Australian Government child care subsidy will be reduced by 50%, if your family income is over $350,000 you will no longer qualify for any Australian Government childcare subsidies.

If any of the above sound like your situation, live-in childcare is the answer you have been looking for.

Some families (regardless of income) may be eligible for Funded In-Home Child Care, where the Federal Government helps subsidise the cost of in-home child care.

Funding from the federal government for In-Home Child Care is available to support certain types of families. You may be eligible for funding if you are dealing with: Physical Disabilities, Mental Health Issues, Domestic Violence and /or Drugs and Alcohol Rehabilitation, fully or partially funded in-home child care is available to families whose children meet the following criteria:

1. Cannot be cared for by other child care services or whose circumstances mean that an existing child care service cannot meet their needs, and

2. One or more of the following applies:

  • a) The child has, or lives with another child who has, an illness or a disability (including sensory, physical, emotional or intellectual disabilities)

  • b) The child’s guardian (or guardian’s partner) has an illness or disability that affects their ability to care for the child (including sensory, physical, emotional or intellectual disabilities)

  • c) The child lives in a rural or remote area

  • d) The work hours of the child’s guardian (or guardian’s partner) are hours when no other approved child care service is available

  • e) The child’s guardian (or guardian’s partner) is caring for three or more children who have not yet started school

More information about In Home Care Eligibility is available from the Department of Education and Training

Disability Care

The ability to live an independent life is something that most value over all else. Eden Woolf’s approach in providing care to those with different abilities is focused on client independence and flexibility. Rather than restrict your care options to a specific set of tasks and activities, our carers will provide personalised support – tailored to whatever you request.

We understand the stress that caring can put on family members - carer burnout and fractured family relationships are inevitable without appropriate support.

Using the Eden Woolf platform, you can specify the type and frequency of care you wish to access and the characteristics and skills of the people who you want providing your support.

Many of our carers are registered with the NDIS and are ready to support your family in which ever way you need it.

Aged Care

Many families in Australia are facing a dilemma: how best to help an aged or elderly loved one continue to live independently in the dignity, comfort and empowerment of their own home, without compromising privacy, safety or personal attention.

What if there was one company that could provide everything they needed to stay at home?

An Eden Woolf carer can do almost anything a family member would do for someone they care about. Our at home care services are extremely flexible and are tailored to meet each individual’s specific needs.


Create a Family Profile


Use the Eden Woolf Find a Family tool to find a family who also wants to share a unpaid care.


For your own records, log a job (specifying that the payment amount is $0.00). Then enjoy halving your workload!


Create a Family Profile


Use the Eden Woolf Find a Family tool to find a family who also wants to share a unpaid care.


Once you and your buddy family are agreed, use the Eden Woolf Find a Carer tool to search for a carer who suits your needs.


Each family logs a job, and you're all done!

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